Monday, April 30, 2012

Papoose boards not used at Mary T. Dooley, DDS

Virginia Beach, VA,  April 30, 2012 – The April 26 episode of “Inside Edition,” the television news magazine    program, is causing an uproar in the dental community. The show aired a segment about a California doctor’s use of a “papoose board” during the treatment of children.  Parents of child patients allege papoose boards, which act as restraints, have caused emotional and physical harm. While the doctor has not been charged with any wrongdoing, and the use of papoose style restraints is allowed by the dental boards, the practice is not common.

  The American Dental Association released a statement about the case Friday, saying in part, “The American Dental Association (ADA) notes that the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD) guidelines state when stabilization is used, it should always be the least restrictive, but safe and effective. “  The entire ADA statement can be found on their website. 

              Virginia Beach dentist Mary T. Dooley says she’s never used a papoose style restraint on a child patient. “If a child needs special behavioral management for care we refer them to pediatric specialists. Those specialists adhere to AAPD guidelines.” Children are a welcome part of Dr. Dooley’s Virginia Beach practice. “Our goal for care is the same as any parent, a happy child with a healthy mouth,” Dr. Dooley adds.

                If you have questions about pediatric dentistry, do not hesitate to ask your dentist.

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