Thursday, August 23, 2012


You've probably noticed some of the many changes that have been taking place here in our office.  Today's blog post aims at getting everyone caught up on what we've been doing!

Our office is now located at 114 S. Witchduck Road,
Virginia Beach. The building is also home to
Scott Orthodontics and Shall We Dance Studios.
The biggest change this summer, our office moved. June 1st we moved from Great Neck Road, to Witchduck Road. The office is right next to the 264WB ramp to Witchduck Road, near the Sears Home Central building.

A new white sign with a toothbrush can be found at the building marquee, and that's where you'll see our new name! Because Dr. Dooley is like one-stop-shopping for all of your dental needs, we have updated the practice name to now be Total Care Dentistry, Mary T. Dooley, DDS. We think the name sounds pretty nifty! You will also notice the reappearance of Dr. Dooley's green sign from our previous location soon facing Witchduck Road.

We are also happy to display a new logo featuring the new practice name. Thank to all of our patients who took part in either in-office or Facebook voting for the design! Your input is greatly appreciated!

We are very excited to present a new name and
logo! The design speaks to our strong ties to our
area's military families!
We are in the process of redesigning our website to feature services growing in popularity, such as dentures, implants and cosmetic procedures. Never fear, we are always happy to take care of your basic oral hygiene needs to keep you smiling! The site includes videos and testimonials from real patients. You'll also find links to news releases we think you'll want to read, and publish our monthly newsletters!

Don't forget to take advantage of our appointment scheduler, you can send us requests 24/7. The new look will appear at the URL in the coming weeks!

Use your smart phone app to scan this QR code for
instant access to our site at any time. Forms, scheduling
information, and more are at your fingertips!
As you know Dr. Dooley is always on the cutting edge of digital dentistry, and we've added another advancement to the list of offerings. You can now use your smart phone to connect to our website anytime with our new QR code. You'll find it on our Facebook page, on our new business cards and on our google places page. Use it at will! You never know when you might find a special offer along the way!

As we've mentioned in the past, we are still looking for our permanent new home, we will make an announcement when we have this information. Meanwhile, thank you for your patience and understanding!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Back to school tips and tricks!

With just a few weeks remaining until the school bells ring again, it's time to start thinking about back to school lists. For most parents, the list gets more lengthy every year. A few more composition books, then a gadget shows up on the list... before you know it they'll need their own laptops and tablets for college. Never fear, our back to school tips and tricks aren't pricey, and they'll help keep your kids healthy, too!

Pack or prepare after school snacks like popcorn. They're
sugarless, taste great and can be strung for out of
class time projects!
Your child's teacher will be the one influencing much of her day, but your presence can be felt in other ways. We love little post-its in lunch boxes, and handwritten notes from home on napkins. They go a long way in making your child smile. But also consider the foods in your lunch from home. Fruit rolls and raisins are popular additions to the mid-day meal, but they aren't the most tooth friendly. Because of the gummy texture, fruit rolls, raisins and similar type foods can stick in the "nooks and crannies" of the teeth and cause cavities. Instead, consider fresh fruits. Fresh fruits are a more instant source of energy for your child. Fruits like apples and bananas are best because they are not acidic and require little effort for your child to chow down!

Instead of a juice box or mini can of soda, consider sending a bottled water and flavor packet. Check the sugar content of the flavoring first as there are no-sugar and no artificial sweetener versions available. Juices are yummy, but should be limited to 8 ounces a day. Additionally, the high sugar content is not only poor nutrition but also can again, lead to cavities! Chances are your child needs to replenish her water stores from gym class or recess anyway!

Ask your child's elementary school teacher if dental health is part of any lesson planned for the year. You might consider scheduling your child's dental appointment around that time to help drive the lesson home. If not, our website is full of resources that can help you instruct your child on proper techniques and overall good oral hygiene!

Finally, if your child is one of the very few who will brush at school, fantastic! Reward her, she's doing great! But don't forget to encourage everyone else to brush after that after school snack. Any time we brush after meals we're doing our mouths a favor.

Enjoy this new school year! Your lesson for today is over :)