Monday, November 19, 2012

Give Thanks for Good Foods!

There are certain foods that can help you maintain good dental health. Not only are these food choices good for your teeth but they are also healthy choices for your body. Many of these will show up on the appetizer trays at your next holiday party or football get together!

Oranges and Kiwis

These fruits can pack a holiday punch on the table and in your mouth! With Vitamin C as a big part of these fruit, Kiwis and Oranges strengthen the collagen in your gums — fighting periodontal disease.
Just section an orange while you make a holiday display like the one pictured, or simmer some on the stove afterwards with some cinnamon and a clove for a great holiday potpourri!

It seems like a bland food but it is good for your teeth and gums – it is celery. Why? The extra chewy nature of this vegetable causes our mouth to produce additional amounts of saliva, which helps to neutralize the cavity causing bacteria in our mouth. Although some may think it doesn’t have much taste, the texture of this vegetable is abrasive which cleans our gums and teeth while eating it. A modest dip of ranch or smear of peanut butter is OK.
Although strong smelling, this vegetable contains antibacterial sulfur compounds that are found to rid different types of bacteria. The benefits of this veggie are best when eaten raw.


A popular food for everyone, cheese is low in carbohydrates and includes calcium and phosphate which help balance the PH level in your mouth. The extra saliva your mouth makes while you chew cheese is also beneficial. Saliva can help protect and rebuild your tooth enamel, strengthening them from the outside.
·         Making wise decisions in choosing food will help you maintain a healthy smile and healthy body for years to come. Make an appointment with Dr. Mary Dooley at Total Care Dentistry to be sure you get your teeth cleaned at least twice a year to have them professionally examined and cleaned!

Monday, November 12, 2012

Practice Points

Happy Monday!
Here are a few special notes for our patients this week:

We hope you made it through Hurricane Sandy safe and sound. In her wake, our offices closed Monday, October 29th. We want to say thank you to our patients who have been understanding and willing to reschedule. We know the storm caused many inconveniences and appreciate your patience!

Are you needing to schedule your next dental appointment? Call now! Keep in mind our office is closed every other Tuesday and Thursday so that we may share the space with Scott Orthodontics.

Closed: November 6,8,9,22,23

December 4,6,18,20

Closing early at 1pm Dec. 24-January 2

Give the gift of oral health! We’re proud to announce Total Care Dentistry is offering gift certificates for the holidays! Gift certificates are available for exam/cleaning/xray packages, in office and take home whitening packages, and “account dollars” that allow the recipient to choose how to use your gift. Call 757-486-4880 today  and ask for details!


Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Prosthodontists Gather in Baltimore

The view from the "Top of the World" observatory in
Baltimore's Inner Harbor.
The ACP gathers in cities around the world
annually. Several hundred international guests
took part in the Baltimore meeting this year.
     Our very own Dr. Mary Dooley has just returned from the largest annual gathering of Prosthodontists in America. The American College of Prosthodontists (ACP) held it’s yearly convention in Baltimore just days after Hurricane Sandy, October 31-November 3.
      Dr. Dooley was one of nearly 1,000 professionals who participated in numerous continuing education classes and seminars aimed at further improving service to patients. Many participants treated under-served residents at a free oral health clinic on Halloween. Attendees received much needed care and took home a kit containing a toothbrush, tooth paste, floss and bi-lingual instructions on proper oral hygiene.
The ACP gathering took place
at the Baltimore Marriott Waterfront
hotel days after Superstorm Sandy.

     This is the 42nd year the ACP has met on such a scale. Annual session highlights included: new developments in CAD/CAM technology and high-strength ceramics; creating affordable dental health opportunities; understanding the shift toward precision medicine in dentistry; the use of digital imaging and sleep apnea management.