Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Smile Imaging Available

We've all seen them, those "try it before you buy it" products. They're a great way to really know what you're getting before you cough up the cash. Even high-end hair salons can take a quick picture of you and with the help of a fancy computer program, show your head with the hippest hairstyle so you can test-drive the look for yourself.

Wouldn't it be great if the dentist could do that for you?
Now, we can!

Here's how it works. Lets say you have chips on your front teeth and your smile just looks crooked.  Dr. Dooley has recommended you get 4 crowns but suggests 6 crowns and a special surgery that could completely even out your grin and help you ditch that "gummy" look. Done! But we know your only consideration isn't just appearance, it's cost, too, and you want to make sure you'll look your best.

Enter our new "smile imaging" program that will allow you to see what your restored smile will look like!

We take a picture of your current smile, and with the help of the experts at Bayview Dental Laboratories, use dental imaging software to show you exactly where Dr. Dooley will contour your existing features to create a new, more beautiful smile. The final result can show you with new crowns, whitening, gum surgery, a new denture, you name it! Visit our website for a complete list of services to learn just what we can do for you!

We're sure you'll love this amazing new feature! It's like seeing yourself in the future! This new technology will help you picture yourself with your new smile. Call us at 757-486-4880 or schedule online to find out how we can help make your dream results a reality!